Water is our most important resource!

Imagine the convenience of having a never-ending supply of pure, crystal-clear water, provided by Eternal Spring's groundbreaking technology.

Eternal Spring tackles water stress, droughts, pollution, and disputes over access to government and municipal water sources.

Find solace in the knowledge that owning an Eternal Spring means having the ultimate resolution to all your water-related worries.

Take the initiative today - be proactive in securing your water freedom and embrace Eternal Spring before scarcity strikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

To secure your Eternal Spring™, click here or call +1-855-XXX-XXXX to reach one of our sales representatives.

Yes! Eternal Spring™ has financing options for both commercial and residential customers. Setup an appoint with one of our expert water consultants to learn more.

The Eternal Springs™ can operate in a wide range of conditions, from 2% to 98% relative humidity. It anticipates allowing for grid-independent solar power usage and deriving its yield from absolute humidity. The first commercially available unit produces approximately 500 liters a day of clean water from a compact footprint of 15 Sq Ft.

Eternal Spring™ uses Healixa's DWH™ technology to mimic natural processes that create fresh water supplies. It allows communities to tap into the Earth's atmosphere, which contains a constantly replenishing 37.5 quadrillion gallons of water vapor. This source of drinking water can be harvested anywhere in the world using the Eternal Spring™ product. All the water you every need is in the air you breathe... Eternal Spring™ just gives you away to tap it!

Water scarcity is a prominent issue worldwide due to factors such as global warming, deforestation, and pollution. Climate change and droughts impact millions of people, and by 2025, it is estimated that 66% of the world will live in water-stressed areas. Be prepared, don't go an try to by water the day water stress strikes. Prepare and protect yourself and your loved ones today! 

Eternal Spring™ has a national network of experienced installers that will walk you through the process. The process is simple your order and once delivered we will have you up and running in no time.

Yes! The Eternal Spring™ DWH™ technology will work constantly and consistently at relative humidity of 2% to 99%. Whether you are in the Mojave desert or the rain forests of Brazil, the Eternal Spring™ will produce pure, constant and consistent water.

An Eternal Spring™ comes with a 5-year service and warranty agreement. If properly maintained, an Eternal Spring™ should last ten years or more. 

Simple, to schedule service call you can use any of the following methods: (i) email – help@healixacap.com (ii) helpdesk: www.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.com (iii) phone: +1-855-xxx-xxxx. Our in-house team will assist you will troubleshooting and schedule a Certified technician as needed.

Eternal Springs™ are low maintenance.  Like any standard appliance, an Eternal Spring™ requires periodic air filter changes based on use. Sensors will tell the user when those need to be changed.

Eternal Spring™ has a two-step water production process that keeps any pollution in the air from getting into your water. First, the built-in air filter keeps particulates and other debris from finding their way into the Eternal Spring™. Second, because our DWH™ technology separates only water molecules, the water produced is pure, leaving anything else in the air behind. Additional re-mineralization can be added as an option.

The Healixa DWH™ technology (which as patents filed in 132 countries) only attracts pure H2O molecules, ensuring Eternal Spring™ water starts pure, unlike most water which starts dirty and has to be cleaned!

Eternal Spring™ meets or exceeds water quality standards outlined in the Safe Drinking Water Act and local standards.

The Eternal Spring™ is powered by Healixa’s DWH™ technology and can operate in a wide range of conditions, from 2% to 99% relative humidity. It anticipates allowing for grid-independent solar power usage and deriving its yield from absolute humidity. Atmospheric water generators require great amounts of electricity to create water and only operate in high humidity, rendering them costly and mostly ineffective. Eternal Spring™ will produce 20 times more water than AWG at a fraction of the cost. 

No! In fact, our scientists have calculated that it would take 7,000 Eternal Springs™ per person to begin making an kind of impact. Keep in mind that one ES-1 supports 4-8 people.

Eternal Spring™ is manufactured right here in the in the United States!